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HI, I'm Kim!


Vancouver Island has been my home my entire life - it is a part of who I am. I embrace everything it throws at me even the stormy rainy days that magically appear out of nowhere on a morning of a wedding. The island has it all, I may sound biased but it's true. My work reflects where I live on the wet west coast.


Throughout my life I have always been a creative and fell in love with photography at a young age. I adore connection between people which has brought me to where I am today capturing your love and telling your story for you to cherish and share for years to come with your loved ones. Your story is my main focus when I'm documenting your wedding day. All the in-between moments, laughs, tears. 

I live on North Vancouver Island - If I'm not on the road I'm at home cuddling my cats (Dominica + Archie) as I work and drink all the coffee and eat salt + vinegar chips.

If you're into having the wind blowing your hair around, the bottom of your dress getting muddy and running around barefoot in the sand you are my people. I'd love to capture your adventure.


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